Club By Laws



The name of this organization shall be NorthWest Apple Pickers Macintosh Users Group. This Group will hereinafter be referred to as NWAP.

ARTICLE II -- Purpose

The purpose of NWAP shall be to provide a nonprofit, educational, self-help organization for users of Apple/Macintosh personal computers; to cultivate cooperative relationships among computer users in our community; and to promote knowledgeable use of Macintosh hardware and software.

ARTICLE III -- Members

Section 1. Membership is on a household basis and is open to all upon submission of a membership application and the payment of the dues. Spouses, partners, and children residing in the same household may all be active members (if they so desire) under the single dues payment of one household member.
Section 2. Annual membership dues are set by the Executive Board.

ARTICLE IV -- Meetings

Section 1. Club Meetings
    A. General Meeting shall be held once a month, except there will be no meeting in August. General Meeting in March shall be the Annual meeting for the purpose of elections and any other business.
    B. Executive Board Meeting shall be monthly at a location determined by the President of the Board.
    C. A notice of at least 15 days prior to these meetings will be given to the membership.
    D. Quorum
    1. A quorum shall consist of no less than ten of the membership at Membership meetings.
    2. At Board of Directors meetings a quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the members of that Board.
Section 2. Special Interest Group (SIG) Meetings
SIGs may be AUTHORIZED by the Executive Board.

ARTICLE V -- Officers

The elected Executive Board shall consist of five Officers and three Directors who shall have voting rights at Board meetings. The Officers of NWAP shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership.
Section 1. Specified Duties
    A. President shall
    1. preside at all Board and General meetings.
    2. appoint, with the consent of the Executive Board, Special Interest Group Leaders and other Committee Chairs.
    3. exercise final responsibility for ensuring General and Executive Board meeting locations and availability.
    B. Vice President shall:
    1. assume the responsibilities of President in the case of the President’s absence or incapacity to serve.
    2. be Program Chair and arrange for all General meeting presentations.
    3. perform such other duties as the Executive Board may assign.
    C. Secretary shall:
    1. keep minutes of official meetings and make them available for publication.
    2. maintain the official copy of the current Bylaws and Standing Rules.
    3. perform such other duties as the Executive Board may assign.
    D. Treasurer shall:
    1. collect all monies due as authorized by the Executive Board and provide receipts.
    2. provide a monthly financial report to the Executive Board.
    3. submit to the Executive Board a year-end financial summary report by January 31st for the previous calendar year.
    4. promptly pay all debts incurred by NWAP and authorized by the Executive Board.
    5. provide access to NWAP’s financial records for the Audit Committee within 14 days of the assumption of duties of new officers, and at such other times as the Executive Board may direct.
    6. perform such other duties as the Executive Board may assign.
    E. Membership shall:
    1. maintain an appropriate record of members.
    2. prepare mailing labels and maintain current email addresses for distribution of materials to members.
    3. report monthly meeting attendance information to the Executive Board.
    4. perform such other duties as the Executive Board may assign.
    F. Directors shall perform such duties as assigned by the President and approved by the Executive Board.
Section 2. Vacancies Vacancies among Officers or Directors shall be filled by the Executive Board for the remainder of their term.
Section 3. Roles and Responsibilities Executive Board shall define and publish roles, authority, and responsibility as Standing Rules.
Section 4. Composition of the Executive Board The number of members comprising the Executive Board may be amended in accordance with Article VIII.

ARTICLE VI -- Committees

Standing Committees Section l. Standing Committees shall be established in the Standing Rules.
Special Committees Section 2. Special committees may be appointed as needed by the President with the approval of the Executive Board.

ARTICLE VII -- Parliamentary Authority

The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall apply.

ARTICLE VIII -- Amendments

These bylaws may be amended at any General Meeting provided that notice has been given by the Executive Board at least one month in advance. Amendments shall require a 2/3 vote of members present.

ARTICLE IX -- Dissolution

Dissolution shall require approval of a majority of members in accordance with Article IV.
Approved January 11, 2009